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On this special joint podcast episode DoW podcast host Alek and Andy(he does both) sit down with Fay and Casper to talk about Mercenary work in smallgang and how it differs from th...

Big Crew today to talk about basics on money making in EVE then we get into some in depth discussion on recently announced changes.

CCP Aurora : Episode 39

Fayral, Ten and Casper are joined by CCP aurora for a chat on her rise to Nanofiber Award fame and some small gang basics.   3T Bootcamp picking fights solo pvp

We announce the winners of The 2020 Nanofiber Awards and do a masterclass on Boosters! This episode was recorded live on twitch. You can view it at twitch.tv/fayral   Video Shoutou...

Fayral,Ten and Jokastis talk about how to start and lead small gang groups and do a quick masterclass on Implants!   Discord Snake implant Spreadsheet Hardwirings Wiki

Dunk Dinkle from Brave sits down for a chat about what its like being on the other side of every small gangers dream - dunking noobs in GE   Caldari Jones Solo Vedmak Vid   Discord...

Fayral is joined by Andy, Ten and Ithica Hawk to talk about the first weekend of the Alliance Open as well as the recently changed ESS   Discord EVE NT Twitch Alliance Open Bracket...

WE ARE BACK. Thats All that matters   Discord Ten's BR

Fay and Casper chat about what they have been upto, Proving grounds, Too many FC's in smallgang, and even a segment on Albion Online   3Tears YT Video Discord Patreon

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